Monday, 19 September 2011

make me your radio and turn me up when you feel low ♫

Bonjour! here are a few photos from france, hope you enjoy looking at them! :) <3 i had a really nice time out there, although my sunbathing failed, i'm so pale!! i will try to post a look asap, the family are buying a new camera! :D

^beautiful sunset <3

^amazing balancing rock hahha :P

^went to a few expeditions when i was in france, and in one of them i found this - i think it's amazing, i'd love to try to re-create it :) 

^check out these little clips that i bought in a little market in brittany! so cute :)

^ the most beautiful pancake i have EVER tasted <3

 maroon 5: stereo love 


  1. ohhhh France! I want to go there :).

  2. aw, such beautiful photos. i wish i can be there too!


  3. you are very pretty!
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  4. thanks for the comments, yeah france is pretty awesome.. <3