Wednesday, 28 September 2011

i want to rock and roll and party all night, i want it bad ♫

- Here as I promised, are some random photos from my London trip. I've also taken a photo of my buys at Camden Market, it was amazing there! i found so many bargains :D i love the hustle and bustle in London <3 i want to apply to 1 uni there, either the london college of fashion, or central st.martins. WHICH ONE?! i don't know which one :( today, i've spent my whole afternoon/evening writing my personal statement, stressful i tell ya :P i wrote way too much, but i guess it's better to start with more then cut down eventually :)

^highwaisted denim shorts @ camden market, there were tons of them!

^in the jewellry section at the V&A (victoria and albert museum). this display is amazing <3

^london underground

^outside the national art gallery, i liked these colours :P

^all the above from camden market, i'm definetly making another trip there again soon!

 ♫ the cab : bad ♫

Monday, 26 September 2011

we created a monster, but nobody wants to kill it ♫

- i've been to london over the weekend!! i visited 3 arty museums, which were the victoria and albert museum, the national art gallery, and Tate modern :D these are some of the photos i took in the tate modern :) no cameras were aloud at the national art gallery which sucked, because the art pieces were so unbelievably amazing. it's crazy the amount of original paintings they've kept over the centuries, i recommend you guys go there! the victoria and albert museum was HIWGE, it's impossible to get around the whole place. i only managed to see like half of the 1st floor, gutted. i will post some of my buys later in the week, and some photos from out and about :)

^ i get dizzy looking at this, haha

^ this is my favourite, it coveres a whole wall in real life!

♫ B.O.B : created a monster 

Thursday, 22 September 2011

i'm gonna pick up the pieces and build a lego house ♫

- hiaa! this is some of last years art work that i made :) my favourite is the big ben picture, i want to do more like that - rip the photo in half then sketch/paint the other half :) this year, i've chosen the theme 'the seaside', so i'll have to keep you posted on how that goes ahah :P it's nearly 12.30am here! so i'm off to bed in a bit <3 nos da (goodnight in welsh) :P 

^inspiration = vincent van gogh 

 ^inspiration = vincent van gogh

^inspiration = william morris

 ^inspiration = banksy

^big ben

♫ ed sheeran : lego house 

Monday, 19 September 2011

make me your radio and turn me up when you feel low ♫

Bonjour! here are a few photos from france, hope you enjoy looking at them! :) <3 i had a really nice time out there, although my sunbathing failed, i'm so pale!! i will try to post a look asap, the family are buying a new camera! :D

^beautiful sunset <3

^amazing balancing rock hahha :P

^went to a few expeditions when i was in france, and in one of them i found this - i think it's amazing, i'd love to try to re-create it :) 

^check out these little clips that i bought in a little market in brittany! so cute :)

^ the most beautiful pancake i have EVER tasted <3

 maroon 5: stereo love