Thursday, 22 September 2011

i'm gonna pick up the pieces and build a lego house ♫

- hiaa! this is some of last years art work that i made :) my favourite is the big ben picture, i want to do more like that - rip the photo in half then sketch/paint the other half :) this year, i've chosen the theme 'the seaside', so i'll have to keep you posted on how that goes ahah :P it's nearly 12.30am here! so i'm off to bed in a bit <3 nos da (goodnight in welsh) :P 

^inspiration = vincent van gogh 

 ^inspiration = vincent van gogh

^inspiration = william morris

 ^inspiration = banksy

^big ben

♫ ed sheeran : lego house 


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  2. wow, you´re talented!
    And thanks for your lovely comment!


  3. great artworks, love the big ben picture too, you did an amazing job drawing the other half :) xx

  4. thankyou for all the comments :) i'll post some more artwork soon :)