Wednesday, 28 September 2011

i want to rock and roll and party all night, i want it bad ♫

- Here as I promised, are some random photos from my London trip. I've also taken a photo of my buys at Camden Market, it was amazing there! i found so many bargains :D i love the hustle and bustle in London <3 i want to apply to 1 uni there, either the london college of fashion, or central st.martins. WHICH ONE?! i don't know which one :( today, i've spent my whole afternoon/evening writing my personal statement, stressful i tell ya :P i wrote way too much, but i guess it's better to start with more then cut down eventually :)

^highwaisted denim shorts @ camden market, there were tons of them!

^in the jewellry section at the V&A (victoria and albert museum). this display is amazing <3

^london underground

^outside the national art gallery, i liked these colours :P

^all the above from camden market, i'm definetly making another trip there again soon!

 ♫ the cab : bad ♫


  1. love everything you bought from camden! xx

  2. cool photos and I like your hair (:

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  3. bets, odd camden yn amazing <3
    awh, thankyou! will visit your blog soon :)