Tuesday, 21 June 2011

i'd rather be a comma, than a full stop ♫

- aaah! sorry i've not posted in a couple of days, i was practising for my piano exam! i'm not blogposting a look today, but some photography that me and dad took on holiday in the canaries last year :} i'm hoping to have a little photoshoot over the weekend or something, so there'll be more blogposts soooooon! my favourite photo out of these 6 is the bags in the window, it's so colourful and cute, it's also colour co-ordinated too haha.

♫ coldplay: every teardrop is a waterfall 

Monday, 13 June 2011

I've had the same jeans on for 4 days now ♫

- sorry no post for a while, too many exams! this is a more chilled out look. i love dr martens boots sooo much :} i'm planning on getting another pair, i'm thinking a flowery patterned pair (http://store.drmartens.co.uk/p-4227-1460-w.aspx) but before i even think about what style i'm gonna get, i really should save up first as they're quite expensive! the over sized jumper is from a little vintage store called hobo's in cardiff, the denim shorts were originally way longer so i cut them short and they're from new look, the kanye west sunglasses were a cheap find at just £1 from primark. and of course the boots are from dr.martens.

♫ The View: Same Jeans