Sunday, 22 January 2012

I felt a rush like a rolling bolt of thunder ♫


black cardigan - vintage
black and white blouse - vintage
faux leather leggins - topshop
handbag - primark
boots - doc martens

hiaaa! this is what i wore today to do some shopping <3 <3 my main goal today was to find a nice dress to wear at my 18th birthday party, i was in town for 4 hours!!!!! and managed to find nothing :( don't you jyst hate those days ?! so i'll have to go back in sometime in the week to have another look :P hope you've all had a good day, speak sooooooon :) xxxxxxxxx

p.s. the last photo made me laugh LOTS <3

♫ frankie valli : december '63 ♫ 


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    ps. u look so fresh a model

  2. ugh, i hate when i go shopping with a goal in mind and don't reach it. hope you find that perfect dress for your 18th birthday!
    xo TJ

    1. i managed to find a dress today!! im gonna post pictures after my 18th birthday party :D <3 xxx

  3. I love the black with the pattern. This is such a beautiful look, I love it!

    Alexandra xo

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  5. Cute- love how you rocked the docs!!

    xx Missy