Thursday, 19 January 2012

coz i'm damned if i do ya, damned if i don't ♫


denim jacket - vintage
cardigan - vintage
faux leather leggins - topshop
boots - doc martens
handbag - primark

i went charity shopping today, for the first time in aaaaages! i found loads of amazing bargains, i'll post them in the next few days :) hope you like what i wore today, the lysh cardigan was handed down to me by my mamgu (grandma in welsh) :P i love it, it's sooo comfy :) and the handbag was only £3 in primark! the next picture shows some earrings i bought in town today, they were quite reasonably priced, like £4 :D  the last picture is some yummy frozen yoghurt that me and my friends had earlier, mmm! speak soooooooon :) xxxxxxxx

♫ all time low - damned if i do ya 


  1. you look adorable girl! and who doesn't love frozen yogurt. yum!
    xo TJ