Friday, 1 July 2011

where was i when the rockets came to life? ♫

- quick blogpost! didn't have much time for a really creative outfit but this outfit is quite colour co-ordinated actually :} i've downloaded a new editing programme so yay! i'll be editing alot more in future posts! the skirt isn't actually a skirt...if that makes sense - it's a bold print maxi dress  from new look, the glittery top is mam's old one, and i found the silver necklace in a charity shop for 50p, bargain! be back soon <3

♫ owl city: alligator sky 


  1. Yay for editing programs! I have way too much fun with those... That glitter top is very cool!

  2. thanks guys! sori haven't posted for a while :/ will do vry soon :D

  3. oh I love this look!
    great skirt